South Beach Miami Hotels

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South Beach Miami Hotels


There are several fun things about South Beach Miami that makes it an exciting city. Miami popularly known as America’s sexiest and sunniest city in America is the top destination for romantic getaways and fun holidays. With its enchanting South Beach Miami hotels, pristine beaches and relaxed atmosphere, Miami is never short of tourist with over 14 million tourists annually.

South Beach Miami is exceptionally enchanting, with numerous things to feed your eyes with and have fun, from the hottest places to party to the most excellent restaurants to fill your taste bid with quality cuisine.

However, beyond all that is the excellent hotels in Miami. As much as a trip to Miami will guarantee a swell time, you also need a comfortable abode that feels just like home. South Beach Miami hotels provide comfort and quality services to ease your stress during the holiday. From sunbathing to swimming, and quality cuisine, south beach Miami hotels are just the place to be.

There are numerous hotels in South Beach Miami, and it could be difficult to make a choice especially for first-timers. Here are the top 5 hotels in South Beach Miami hotels that are guaranteed to give you the best time of your life during your stay in Miami.

The Setai: strategically located within the confines of the historic Art Deco District, the formerly names Dempsy-Vanderbilt Hotel has an 80 years reputation of quality lifestyle and service. The Setai is stocked with both essential and luxurious amenities that would make you never want to leave, from brunch restaurants featuring live jazz to a top-notch spa, white sand beach, infinity pools, and beautiful Atlantic oceans views.

Delano South Beach Hotel: popularly regarded as the bedrock of hospitality in south beach Miami, if you are looking for great food, friendly concierge and the best spot for sinking in the sun by the poolside, then Delano south beach hotel is a perfect choice. The famous south beach Miami is a one-stop shop for all you need.

SLS Hotel South Beach: located in the middle of south beach’s lively neighborhood, SLS is the top spot for incredible cuisine, it boasts of two celebrity-driven restaurants, Katsuya owned by Katsuya Uechi and the Bazaar by Jose Andres. Hyde Beach, as well as the signature monkey that surrounds the hotel with beautiful scenery, are some of the reason people love staying in the hotel.
W South Beach Hotel: W South Beach is known for beautiful scenery from its museum-quality modern art and ocean facing accommodation. It is also a popular destination for celebrities specifically because of its modern amenities and furnishing as well as distinguishing architecture.

The Betsy: the seaside hotel is known as the highest rated resort hotel in south beach Miami and is one of the three hotels in Florida featured in the Nast Traveler’s Gold List Award. The hotel boasts of quality suites and rooms, best restaurants and enchanting scenery which makes it one of the best hotels in South Beach Miami.

In sum, whichever your choice of hotel is, one thing is guaranteed- the best time of your life in South Beach Miami hotels.

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